Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War Demo

Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty, and dies with chaos

This demo for the soon to be released 3D action RTS features an intro trailer, a single-player mission, and a skirmish map.

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War is a detailed real-time strategy game that lets players completely command one of the four mightiest empires of the ancient world: Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Persia. Rise & Fall allows players to fight alongside their troops as one of history's eight greatest heroes, and bring victory to their nation on the battlefield.

Revolutionary Hero mode

Engage in awe-inspiring feats of heroism by joining troops during epic fights in third-person perspective, and personally turn the tide of battle! Control one of eight unique Heroes including Julius Caesar, Germanicus Caesar, Cleopatra, Ramses the Great, Nebuchadnezzar, Sargon, Achilles and Alexander the Great, each with their own unique abilities and weapons.

Powerful Civilizations

Choose from four of the ancient world's mightiest empires: Greece, Persia, Egypt or Rome.

Realistic Units and Weapons

Enlist more than 80 unique units, including footmen, archers, cavalry, siege units and massive triremes. Use realistically-scaled siege towers, ladders, and battering rams to annihilate city defenses and clear the way for ground forces.

Naval Combat

Rule the seas and secure victory! Fight for control of the seas by boarding and ramming enemy naval vessels using massive, accurately-scaled warships. Outfit warships with infantry, archers, ballistae, or catapults, depending on your own strategic objectives.

Improve Civilizations

Recruit craftsman, scientists, artisans, and advisors who will help enhance civilizations both militarily and economically. Capture new territories and establish outposts to increase your recruiting ability and train new formations of soldiers rapidly.


Up to 8 players will battle it out across numerous multiplayer game types and maps, waging all-out war on the seas, in the cities and down on the ground in Hero Mode.

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War


Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War Demo

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  • Warcraft77

    by Warcraft77

    "Rise and Fall Civilizations at War is a good game to get? YES!"

    This is one of the best RTS games i've ever played. The graphics are great, You can fight on the sea, Capture outposts t... More.

    reviewed on June 7, 2009